Making Father's Day Memorable: VR Business Owners' Guide to Effective Promotions

Father's Day is a special occasion that allows us to honor and celebrate the important figures in our lives - amazing fathers. As a VR location business owner, you have another great opportunity to provide fathers and their families with unforgettable celebration of such a special day with the help of virtual reality experiences. 

In this article, we will explore effective strategies to help you promote your VR experiences and make Father's Day a memorable and exciting event for all. 

As we previously mentioned in other articles, there are 6 vital things to do, in order to succeed in promoting VR experiences on a special holiday.

πŸ’ͺ Craft Compelling Father's Day Packages

Create exclusive Father's Day packages that include VR experiences paired with additional perks. These perks could range from special discounts, complimentary refreshments, or personalized souvenirs. Design packages that cater to different budgets and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone. Promote these packages through your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to generate interest and encourage bookings. 


VR Adventure Pack for the Whole Family: 

  • Treat your dad and the entire family to a 90-minute VR adventure filled with awe-inspiring virtual worlds. Choose from our extensive collection of family-friendly experiences suitable for all ages. 
    Receive a complimentary group photo to commemorate your unforgettable Father's Day outing.
    Price: $X.XX per family (up to four participants)

Father-Child VR Showdown Package:

  • Engage in an epic VR showdown as you and your dad battle head-to-head in our adrenaline-pumping multiplayer games. Enjoy an extended 120-minute session to ensure plenty of gaming time and excitement. Indulge in complimentary snacks and beverages.
    Price: $X.XX per duo (limited availability)

VR Relaxation Retreat for Dad: 

  • Treat your dad to a well-deserved break from reality with a 60-minute virtual relaxation experience. Transport him to serene and tranquil environments where he can unwind and rejuvenate. 
    Enjoy complimentary refreshments and exclusive access to our relaxation lounge. Price: $X.XX per person

VIP Father's Day Celebration Package: 

  • Elevate your Father's Day celebration with our exclusive VIP package. Enjoy 2 VR experiences picked to your dad's interests and preferences. Receive priority access, a dedicated VR host, complimentary gourmet refreshments, and a special discount for the next visit.
    Price: $X.XX per person (limited availability)

πŸ§” Leverage Social Media

Utilize the power of social media platforms to generate buzz and excitement around your VR venue. Use engaging promo materials from ARVI VR that showcases the joy and thrill of fathers experiencing VR. Encourage users to share their own VR experiences and reviews, creating a sense of community and fostering word-of-mouth promotion. 

Download pictures:


πŸ§” Celebrate Father's Day like never before at [VR Location]! Treat your dad to an unforgettable virtual reality adventure that will leave him amazed. πŸ”₯ Bond, compete, and create memories together in our VR venue. Limited spots available, so book now and give your dad an experience he'll cherish forever!  #FathersDay #VRadventures #UnforgettableExperience #vrescaperoom #father #dad #gift #FathersDayGift #FathersDayGiftIdea #ForYourDad #giftideaforhim #giftideafordad #fathersday2023 #giftforfathers #happyfathersdsay #dadsday #happyness #nationalfatherday #fyp #trending #bestdadever #family

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πŸ‘€ Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Look no further! Celebrate with your dad at [VR Location] and embark on an epic virtual reality adventure together. 😜 Unleash your imagination, challenge each other, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Limited availability, so book now and give your dad an experience he won't forget! #FathersDay #VRadventures #UnforgettableExperience #vrescaperoom #father #dad #gift #FathersDayGift #FathersDayGiftIdea #ForYourDad #giftideaforhim #giftideafordad #fathersday2023 #giftforfathers #happyfathersdsay #dadsday #happyness #nationalfatherday #fyp #bestdadever #family

🀝 Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with social media influencers or local celebrities who have a strong presence in your target market. Invite them to experience your VR offerings and share their experiences with their followers. Their endorsement can significantly boost brand visibility and credibility, attracting new customers who may be influenced by their trusted recommendations.

🐳 Run Father's Day Promotions

Offer special discounts or incentives exclusively for Father's Day. Create limited-time offers, such as "Buy One, Get One Free" or "Father-Child VR Bundles." Promote these offers through your website, social media channels, and targeted online advertisements. Encourage customers to book in advance to secure their preferred time slots, and highlight the limited availability of these exclusive deals. Create special promo codes and send them via emails or messages. Do not forget about vouchers, they may be really of help during the promotion.



  • Book a VR session for yourself and your dad and get 20% off the total price! Experience the thrill of virtual reality together and create lasting memories. Limited availability, so book your experience and use this promo code now to secure your preferred time slot.

"Father'sDayBOGO" :

  • Celebrate Father's Day with our exclusive Buy One, Get One Free offer! Bring your dad along and enjoy double the fun in our immersive VR experiences. Don't miss out on this limited-number promo code – book today! 


  • Treat your dad to a day of family fun with our special promo code - FamilyFunPass. Get 15% off when you book a VR session for four or more family members. Bond, compete, and embark on incredible adventures together. Limited availability, so reserve your spot now with this amazing promo code!


20% Off Father's Day Special:

  • Celebrate Father's Day with us and enjoy a special discount of 20% on all VR experiences. Treat your dad to an immersive adventure he won't forget while saving some money. Limited time offer, so book now and give your dad the gift of virtual reality!

Father's Day Flash Sale:

  • For a limited time only, we're offering a 30% discount on all Father's Day bookings. Surprise your dad with an exciting VR experience and make this Father's Day one to remember. Don't miss out on this incredible deal – book now and save! 

Dad's Day Discount:

  • To honor all the amazing fathers out there, we're offering a flat $10 discount on any VR session for Father's Day. Give your dad the gift of virtual reality and enjoy this special offer. Limited availability, so grab this deal while you can! 

Father's Day Group Discount: 

  • Planning a family outing for Father's Day? We've got you covered with our group discount. Book a VR session for a group of four or more and receive a 15% discount on the total price. Bond, compete, and have a blast together while saving some money. Limited time offer, so gather your squad and reserve your session today!

"Early Bird Father's Day Special":

  • Book your Father's Day VR session in advance and receive a 10% discount! Surprise your dad with an unforgettable virtual reality adventure while saving some money. Limited availability, so secure your spot early.

πŸ— Collaborate with Local Businesses 

Partner with local businesses, such as restaurants or gift shops, to create cross-promotional opportunities. Offer joint promotions where customers who visit your VR facility receive discounts or vouchers for nearby establishments, and vice versa. This collaboration can expand your customer reach and attract individuals who may not have considered VR experiences before.


πŸ– "Game and Grill" Father's Day Package:

  • Partner with a local barbecue restaurant and create a "Game and Grill" package for Father's Day. Customers who enjoy a meal at the restaurant receive a voucher for a discounted VR session at your venue. Similarly, visitors to your VR location can receive a discount or free appetizer at the partnered restaurant. This collaboration allows dads to indulge in delicious food and exciting VR adventures on their special day.

⛳️ "VR and Golf" Father's Day Combo:

  • Partner with a nearby golf range or mini-golf facility to create a "VR and Golf" Father's Day combo. Customers who visit your VR location receive a voucher for discounted rounds of golf or mini-golf at the partnered venue. Similarly, golfers at the partnered facility can receive a discount or special offer for a VR session at your venue. This collaboration offers dads the chance to swing virtual clubs and enjoy real-world golfing fun on Father's Day.

🐟 "Hunt, Fish, and VR Adventure Package for Father's Day":

  • Collaborate with a local hunting and fishing shop to create an exciting Father's Day package. Customers who visit your VR facility receive a special voucher for a discounted purchase or exclusive offer at the partnered hunting and fishing shop. Similarly, customers who make a purchase at the hunting and fishing shop receive a voucher for a discounted VR session at your venue. This collaboration allows dads to experience the best of both worlds. Whether it's virtual hunting or real-world fishing, this Father's Day package offers an exhilarating combination of virtual reality and outdoor exploration.

🍿 "Cinematic VR Fun on Father's Day":

  • Join forces with a local cinema or bowling alley to create an exciting Father's Day package. Customers who visit your VR facility receive a special voucher for discounted movie tickets at the partnered cinema. Similarly, individuals who visit the cinema receive a voucher for a discounted VR session at your venue. The same for bowling. This collaboration offers dads and their families a full day of entertainment. They can start by catching a movie at the cinema or start with heading to the bowling alley for some friendly competition, and after cap off the day with an immersive VR adventure at your facility. It's a perfect blend of traditional entertainment and cutting-edge virtual experiences.

🎩 Engage with Email Marketing

Utilize your email subscriber list to send targeted Father's Day promotions and reminders. Craft compelling email campaigns that highlight the benefits of VR experiences for fathers and emphasize the unique opportunity to create lasting memories on this special day. Personalize your emails based on customers' previous visits or preferences to make the communication more relevant and impactful. 


Subject: πŸ§” Join Us at VR Venue to Celebrate Father's Day! 

Dear Customers, 

Make Father's Day unforgettable πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ at our VR Venue! Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures, bond with your dad, and create cherished memories. 

Why choose us? 

  • Unleash the Adventure: Experience breathtaking virtual environments tailored to your interests. 
  • Quality Time: Collaborate, compete, and embark on cooperative missions with your dad. 
  • Variety of Options: We offer diverse VR experiences for all ages and skill levels.
  • Exclusive Packages: Enjoy discounts and perks with our curated 😜 Father's Day packages. 

Book now to secure your preferred time slot! Click the link or call [Phone Number] to reserve your Father's Day experience. 

Thank you for choosing [VR Venue] for your Father's Day celebrations. We can't wait to welcome you and your family! 

Warm regards, 
[Your Name]
[VR Venue]



Imagine planning a trip to a virtual reality (VR) location, where you and your father can embark on a thrilling adventure together. The mere thought of diving into a world of endless possibilities, exploring exotic landscapes, and engaging in exciting activities side by side is enough to send shivers of excitement down your spine. But what makes this experience truly special is the emotional connection it fosters.

Book your unforgettable experience for you and your dad now! 

Simply click on the link below[ Link ] or give us a call [Phone Number]. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and make your celebration truly exceptional. 


Father's Day is around the corner!  In a world where material gifts often take center stage, the gift of shared emotions is a rare gem. As you and your father delve into the immersive world of VR, you'll create cherished memories, strengthen your bond, and forge a deeper understanding of each other. Emotions become the threads that weave your experience together, leaving a lasting impact on both of your hearts.

This Father's Day, consider the power of emotions and embark on a VR journey that will leave an indelible mark on your relationship.  Click on the link below [ Link ] or give us a call [Phone Number] to book your time slot now!

Father's Day presents a fantastic opportunity for VR location business owners to effectively promote your VR offerings and ensure a successful Father's Day celebration. Remember, the key lies in providing unique and memorable experiences that fathers will cherish for years to come.

✍️ Authored by Bohdana Savchuk
🎨 Pictures generated by Lena Pylypenko