Hiya, cowboys! Immerse yourself in the world of futuristic shooter, where the spirit of the Old West collides with advanced technology.

Carve your name into the history of a robot-populated world where wars, diseases and natural disasters have erased humanity from the face of the earth. And yet humans have managed to leave their farewell legacy - immortal robots with human consciousness, along with all feelings and emotions.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey through the captivating locations of the post-apocalyptic world. From the sun-baked streets of abandoned cities to the ominous depths of dark forests and spacious canyons. Find your way to the heart of this world - the Tower of Rebirth - and partake in the historic battle which determines the fate of the robot civilization. Will the thirst for power win over prudence?

Take a break from the intense gunfights in a cozy bar with a glass of fragrant machine oil, listening to a bartender's smooth stories, in which the past and the future intertwine in a dance, creating an unbelievable depiction of the world. A world long after mankind.