Easter 🐥 is an important holiday celebrated by millions of people worldwide. It’s a time for family, fun, and festivities, which makes it an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services. For businesses operating in the VR industry, Easter provides a unique opportunity to showcase their immersive experiences and attract new clients. In this article, we give you some creative ideas on how VR businesses can attract more clients at Easter.

🐣 Discounts and Special Offers

An effective way to engage more clients to play in VR at Easter is to offer special discounts and promotions. You can offer discounts on VR experiences, bundle deals, or freebies with every purchase during the Easter holiday season. It is vital to make them for a limited time. The timeframe will help to spark the client's interest and motivate them to make use of Easter offers in time. Promoting these discounts and special offers through social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels can help you reach a wider audience.

🌼 Social Media Contests 

Hosting Easter-themed social media contests is an excellent way to engage with your followers and attract new ones. You can ask your audience to share their favorite Easter memories with your brand. Offer prizes such as free VR experiences or discounts to the winners. This can help you build your brand and increase your social media following.

🐰 Email Marketing

Send out an Easter-themed email newsletter to your subscribers to promote your VR experiences, special offers, and social media contests. You can also include Easter-themed content, Easter ARVI VR promo, or blog posts related to VR and Easter. 

🌷 Influencer Marketing 

Partner with influencers who have a significant following on social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Ask them to promote your VR experiences, discounts, and social media contests to their followers. Make a special promo code with an influencer, which he/she can share on their social media as well.

🐇 Collaborate with Local Businesses

Collaborating with local businesses such as restaurants or hotels to offer VR experiences as part of their Easter promotions is another creative way to ramp up sales. This can help you attract new clients and increase your brand awareness. You can also offer joint promotions and discounts with these businesses to encourage clients to try out your VR experiences.

🥚 Social Media Recommendations

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote your VR experiences, discounts, and social media contests. We have prepared some special Easter promo and Easter-themed sayings, which will be a perfect fit for your social media.

Do not forget to use relevant hashtags such as #Easter #Easter2023 #EasterYOURCITY #EasterYOURCOUNTRY #EasterIdeas #EasterActivities #EasterSunday #spring #VR #VirtualReality #VREsapeRooms #EscapeRooms #EscapeRoomsYOURCITY #bunny #rabbit #Alice #EasterBunny and #VRExperience to increase your visibility on social media channels. Also, consider running paid social media ads to reach a wider audience.

✨ Use promo arts and Easter phrases

ARVI VR has made a selection of promo art specifically for Easter. You can use them to post on your social media, to create printed posters or just simply add them to your website. You can post a plain picture, or you can create your own unique, Easter-themed cards to give out to your customers. We have also prepared some handy Easter phrases. You will find: good wishes for cards, general invitations to celebrate Easter at your venue, as well as fun invitations which include puns to play some of the ARVI VR experiences. You can download everything here:  http://bit.ly/3K8KJZV

Authored by Bohdana Savchuk