Recommendations on how to start selling the ARVI VR content

List of all ARVI VR games:
❄️ Christmas - Easy, Escape Rooms, Seasonal
πŸ‘» House of Fear - Easy, Escape Rooms, Seasonal, Horror, Scary
😈 House of Fear: Cursed Souls - Medium, Escape Rooms, Seasonal, Horror, Scary
🏰 Sanctum - Medium, Escape Rooms, Seasonal, Horror, Scary
πŸš€ Mission Sigma - Easy, Escape Rooms 
🐸 Smash Point - Easy, Arcade game
πŸ¦’ Jungle Quest - Easy, Adventure experience
🌴 Survival - Easy\Medium, Adventure experience
☒️ Chernobyl - Medium, Adventure experience
🏹 Archer - Medium, Arcade game
πŸ›Έ Signal Lost - Medium\Hard, Escape Rooms, Cosmic
πŸ‡ Alice - Medium\Hard, Escape Rooms
πŸ”‘ The Prison - Hard, Escape Rooms
πŸ€– Cyberpunk - Hard, Escape Rooms, Futuristic
βš”οΈ Arena - Not applicable, Arcade game

If you`re new to the VR business and you have just started out, you may begin with: 

  • Alice (fun and picturesque Escape Room, immediately recognizable topic);

  • House of Fear: Cursed Souls (scary experience);

  • Arena (arcade game);

  • Jungle Quest (family-friendly adventure).

These 4 games are quite different, but they will definitely help you to figure out your key audience.

Usually, there are various groups of people, who would prefer different types of content:

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Family (Jungle Quest, Survival, Smash Point, Arena, Archer);

  • πŸ’– Couples (depends on their initial request, easy Escape Rooms and Adventure games - Mission Sigma, Jungle Quest, Survival, Christmas, House of Fear: Cursed Souls, House of Fear as some of Arcade games will work as well);

  • ✌🏻 Friends (depends on their initial request);

  • πŸ‘” Corporate events, colleagues, team-building events (Smash Point, Arena, Archer, Mission Sigma, Survival);

  • β›ΉπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Teenagers (Jungle Quest, Arena, Archer, Survival, Cyberpunk, Mission Sigma, Signal Lost);

  • πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday or other parties (Smash Point, Archer, Arena).

Further along the way - you should pay attention to your customer base and add games considering their preferences. If you noticed that the Escape Room genre is getting more attention then we would recommend adding different difficulty Escape-room games and Adventure games as well. 

Please find our suggestions considering the 4 games to start with: 

  • Alice (for clever, immediately recognizable topics, classic Escape-room scenarios): Chernobyl; Cyberpunk; Signal Lost.

  • House of Fear: Cursed Souls (scary experiences): Sanctum; The Prison; House of Fear.

  • Arena (arcades): Smash Point; Archer.

  • Jungle Quest (adventure experiences): Survival.

Adding to the mix, considering the experience of our partners, games: Christmas, House of Fear: Cursed Souls, House of Fear and Sanctum, Chernobyl are worth advertising in Christmas time (winter), Halloween season (fall). 

Download Seasonal Games Guide

Also, you can focus on the level of games difficulty:

  • πŸ₯ Easy (Smash Point, Christmas, House of Fear, Mission Sigma, Jungle Quest);

  • 🐡 Easy\medium (Survival);

  • 🦘 Medium (House of Fear: Cursed Souls, Sanctum, Archer, Chernobyl);

  • 🐘 Medium\hard (Signal Lost, Alice);

  • πŸ¦• Hard (The Prison, Cyberpunk);

  • πŸ’¬ Not applicable (Arena).