The fate of mankind depends on you – accomplish strategic goals and fight for humanity’s future with The Last Day Defense - VR tower defense game.

In the distant future, there is a military conflict between two giant extraterrestrial empires. The Earth is their common home and both of them are engaged in R&D on time manipulation and in synthesizing necessary materials from any other ones by means of energy.

This confrontation has been going on for many centuries… And the enemy has decided to take the plunge – changing the course of history…

… A hostile party has sent its team and a massive replicator (this super-technology allows to produce a variety of weapons, machines, and equipment out of nothing) to the past to exterminate our ancestors and win by fighting dirty.

Your aim is to prevent the tragedy.

When the attack begins and our reality breaks, scientists find the critical moment and send a timeship to avert a catastrophe.

You’re on board! Pretend to be a temporal agent and test your skills: challenge your brain by building a strong defensive system, destroy enemy armaments, use a map of battles, a massive replicator, and a limited energy supply, sent from the future, to develop a comprehensive strategy, which will help you to triumph.

Use your mind and combat skills to gain a victory and save the civilization from extinction.