The new platform by ARVI VR


The new platform by ArviVR gives you an opportunity to get your games up and run in moments. It verifies PCs, headsets, controllers and sound automatically. It also allows to create a cost-effective, cutting-edge Extended Reality experience with our VR platform. 

Having game sessions launched from one easy-to-use dashboard, you can focus on giving your customers the best service and impression about VR experiences. You also get access to our dedicated technical support, regular content updates, and an anticipated increase in bookings & sales. 

ARVI VR platform can launch an unlimited number of multiplayer sessions simultaneously. The platform can be accessed from more than 50 devices at the same time, and load games even offline using a local network. 

The undeniable advantage of VR experiences is the rich variety of genres and scenarios offered. Players of every age and experience levels can find something to their taste. The combination of breathtaking graphics, exciting riddles, atmospheric audio and engaging multi-player activities will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Become a part of the developing VR entertainment industry and expand your potential market by involving both gamers and escape room fans!