Nothing could be better than the victory of mankind over zombies. Zombie Grenades Practice VR is a thrilling game that shows how a zombie apocalypse looks like.

Just imagine… You’re out of bullets but you have some grenades left… Their number is limited, zombies are everywhere, and you are in the minority. So, assess the situation before each throw. Best of luck!

Get ready, the world needs you!

Zombie Grenades Practice VR is a mix of action and puzzle. Imagine that you are surrounded by zombies but you don’t have a shotgun, a katana, or a chainsaw. Nevertheless, you can use various grenades: contact, frag, bouncing (our favorite one), UV, radio grenades. Use as few grenades as possible to complete the level and score a maximum number of points.

A wise choice of grenades and a precise throw ensure that you’ll solve all the tasks on fifteen levels of the most beautiful post-apocalyptic hell you’ve ever seen.